Friday, September 20, 2013

It's Revolting!

Revolution, in its deepest essence, is pure evil. It's diabolical. All "true" Revolutions share one common source. That is, they can all trace their origins to the original Revolution: the Revolt of Lucifer against God the Father Almighty.

All Revolutions ruthlessly destroy truth, beauty, holiness, history, and legitimate authority.

We live in Revolutionary times.

There are four specific Revolutions that have lavishly set the stage for our current modern crisis:

  • 1517-1648 The Protestant Revolution, which shouted: We accept Christ, but we revolt against His Church!

  • 1789-1799 The French Revolution, which shouted: We accept God, (a deist idea of god)  but we revolt against Christ the King!

  • 1917-1922 The Bolshevik Revolution, which shouted: We accept morality, but we revolt against the idea of any God!

  • 1960's- The Hippie Revolution, which is still shouting: We accept moral relativism, but we revolt against any objective morality!

Do you see the natural progression? Each new movement violently rejects exactly what its revolting ancestor solemnly embraced!

This Revolutionary degeneration is the suicide of rational thought and it MUST be stopped.
¡Viva Cristo Rey!

It must be stopped firstly- in our own hearts.

You see we all, each and everyone of us, participate in the Revolution by our own habitual sins. We all personally revolt against God.  The first step to changing the world, is changing ourselves and our households.We must repent and bear supernatural fruit-we must become Saints!

We must make Christ the King of our lives if we wish Him to be King of our society.

We must pray for a restoration! We must fight back!

Truth is the new hate speech. Purity is the new taboo. Beauty is the new vulgar. Orthodoxy is the new rebellion. Tradition is the Counter- Revolution. 

We must form a Catholic Resistance:

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