Friday, April 26, 2013

Calling All Prayer Warriors!

Join the Knights of the Immaculata in praying the rosary during the month of May for the intentions of our Bishop and the Diocese in which he governs. The month of May is the "month which the piety of the faithful has especially dedicated to Our Blessed Lady," and it is the occasion for a "moving tribute of faith and love which Catholics in every part of the world pay to the Queen of Heaven. During this month Christians, both in church and in the privacy of the home, offer up to Mary from their hearts an especially fervent and loving homage of prayer and veneration. In this month, too, the benefits of God's mercy come down to us from her throne in greater abundance"- Paul VI: Encyclical on the Month of May, no. 1.

This devotion became popular at the end of the 13th century. In the 16th century, books began to foster the devotion. In the early 18th century the Jesuit Order in Rome began its formal practice, and from there it spread to the Church worldwide; the month of May became known as ‘The Month of Mary’.

On this special month in dedication to Our Lady, we would like people to sign up for one Rosary on one specific day. You may Email us, Facebook us, or Tweet us to let us know what day you want. We hope and pray that all will sign up to pray the Rosary for our Bishop and Diocese. The Rosary is a powerful weapon against the gates of Hell. 

We commend all our prayers and actions of the month of Mary into the hands of the Immaculata, and we ask her to unite them with her own prayers for His Excellency Bishop Curtis J. Guillory, and for the Diocese of Beaumont.

Sign up today and pray the Rosary in the month of May! The heel of our Lady will crush the head of the serpent here in the diocese of Beaumont and throughout the world- if we fervently ask her.

*The Militia of the Immaculata Beaumont is not affiliated with the Dioceses of Beaumont

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