Monday, June 17, 2013

Maximilian Monday: The love of the Immaculata

On this Maximilian Monday we would like to take a look at the love of the Immaculata. In this, we examine both Our Lady's love for God and also the duty we have to love the Immaculata as Our Mother, which she most definitely is. In the words of St. Maximilian Kolbe:

"The love of the Immaculata is the most perfect love which a creature can love God. With her heart then let us strive to love the Heart of Jesus more and more. Let this be our greatest stimulus.

Let us try to win not only many, but all souls for the Immaculata, and unite them as closely as possible to the most sweet Heart of Jesus through her. But first subdue your own heart and then the hearts of others.

Every thought, action, suffering of the Immaculata were most perfect acts of love of God, love of Jesus.

It is necessary to tell all souls, both collectively and individually, those who are living now and who will live until the end of the world; it is necessary to tell them by example, by the spoken, written and printed word, by radio, painting, sculpture and so on. We must tell them what and how the Immaculata would think, speak and act in the concrete circumstances of daily living in the various states of life, so that the most perfect love, a love reaching even to that of the Immaculata towards the heart of God, would be enkindled all over the earth.

The essence of the love of God consists exclusively in fulfilling the will of God at every moment. The more difficult that fulfillment, the more horror and aversion it entails, the greater will be the manifestation of love. But even these difficulties do not belong to the essence of love. And, in fact, there can be love without them. They serve only to display that love.

Let us emulate one another when it concerns the Immaculata. May every increase of love towards her in one person result in the greater strengthening of love in others. Our hearts are so small, so weak. We will never render her the love that she deserves, the love with which she loves us.

Let us all endeavor to deepen our love more and more towards the Immaculata, and always to have recourse to her as children towards their mother.

One act of perfect love regenerates the soul. Let us make use of this means often. It really is not so difficult, because the essence of this act is sacrificial love: to try to give pleasure to the Immaculata at one's own expense without regard to reward or punishment.

The essence of the love of God does not lie in affections or in sweet words, but solely in the will. If the soul perseveres decisively with its will fixed on holiness and love of God, although it does not experience the least feeling in its heart, let it be wholly convinced that it continually tends with rapid pace forward and ever pushes upward.

Love, which is a "bond of perfection," nourishes and satisfies itself solely by suffering, sacrifice and the cross.

We will show the greatest love towards the Immaculata when we share our love for her with others.

How can we prove the Immaculata loves us? If we love her, then she loves us incomparably more.

What is unrestricted love of the Immaculata?

The Immaculata is so joined with God by love that she rises not only above all the saints, but also above the angels and archangels, the Cherubim and Seraphim. Therefore, unrestricted love of the Immaculata raises us up even to her and unites us in a love above that of all the angels and saints.

She is the nearest to God, and we the nearest to her, and hence through her the nearest to God  Himself. God has given us that white ladder and desires that we climb up upon it to reach Him. Or rather she, holding us close to her maternal breast, brings us up to God.

But these are only pictures, resemblances, analogies. Reality is incomparably more beautiful, more sublime, divine."

Truly wise words, as always. The depths of wisdom that St. Maximilian Kolbe had is inspiring. One part that resonates with me greatly is this, "We will show the greatest love towards the Immaculata when we share our love for her with others." I think it is fair to say many people do not know of Our Blessed Mother, most have misconceptions about our love for her, and some even revile or disrespect her. It is up to us to go out into the world and set the record straight, to present the Truth of the Catholic Church and bring the love of the Immaculata to all people. In doing so we show love for Our Mother, and we also give great glory to God by spreading Marian devotion. Thus, we cooperate with His plan for the salvation of souls as we climb the white ladder to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Let us pray that the Immaculata gives us the strength to continue our mission.

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