Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What Else Is There?!?!?

We, you and I, were created to be saints. It is our destiny. It is the fulfillment of our happiness. It's being the best version of ourselves.

It's not about halos and serious stone faces. It's about being real- the realist version of yourself. Being a saint isn't boring, no - it's actually the definition of "living life"- a JOY filled life. Saints are people FULL of joy because a saint is simply a friend of God.

Meaning they are constantly in God's friendship (in this life and in the next) and would rather die than to hurt and/or end their friendship with God (by sinning or falling into heresy). And God being a perfect friend makes them whole (in this life and in the next). 

Sin hurts our friendships and our true selves. There is only one way to be a failure in this life and that is not to become a saint. 

June has SOO many great saints. Learn about them all. Imitate just ONE! 

As I look at this calendar and see the pictures of June's celebrated saints, I have to ask myself, "What's hurting my friendship with God?" 

And then I must act on the answer. 

Here are some daily tips to help your OUR personal sanctity:

• Get up at a fixed time, as early as possible. Eight hours of sleep should be enough. More than this or less than six hours of sleep is usually not healthy.

• Make your first priority to offer your day to God through the intercession of Our Lady.

• Work with order and intensity during the day as a way of serving God. Set goals and establish priorities in order to develop a practical schedule. Sanctifying ordinary work is the goal of our life. 

• Try to attend daily Mass, receiving Holy Communion, as often as possible. This is the best sacrifice we can offer to God.  Prepare yourself for Mass by spending some time in prayer.

• Spend some time in mental prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Even it's for only 5 minutes. 

• Foster traditional daily devotions: The Little Office, The Liturgy of the  Hours, the Rosary, the Angelus. 

• Make use of sacramentals- wear scapulars,  Miraculous Medals, Holy Water etc. 

• Do some other spiritual reading. Start with the New Testament or some well-known traditional spiritual book. 10 to 15 minutes is sufficient.  

• Nightly examinations of conscience. And if need be daily confession.

As Patrick Coffin often exclaims, "Be a saint- what else is there?"

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  1. Great post, guys! Thanks for this list- now I know where to improve!!!