Friday, May 3, 2013

Marching Orders

Being totally consecrated to Jesus through Mary means:

Making a choice to be Mary's tool, servant, heel, son/daughter.

Being totally consecrated to Jesus through Mary means:

Making the choice to make Mary our Queen, our Mother, our Advocate, our Example.

But we have to choose. You and I have to choose to serve this secular world or God's Heavenly kingdom. We can't serve both- it's either or.

Being totally consecrated to Jesus through Mary means:

Choosing to be men and women who want to be TOTALLY faithful, true, and loyal to the Church and what She teaches.

Men and women of deep prayer and fasting. Men and women who will encourage others with our lives (not just our words) to be pure and holy.

Men and women who wish to see the glory, majesty, and reverence of the Mass return.

Men and women who are focused on evangelization, apologetics, and promoting true devotion to our Blessed Mother.

Men and women who use technology to spread the new evangelization but keep true to history, beauty, and truth.

Men and women who truly encourage each other to live out the faith.

Men and women who dare to battle the unorthodoxy that has invaded our chanceries, seminaries, schools and parishes.

Men and women who buck the culture but will eventually change it from the inside out.

Men and women who are not afraid to call-out moral relativism, heresy, protestantism, and secularism.

Men and women who wage war on the flesh, the world, and the demonic.

Men and women who feed the poor, visit the prisoners, and defend the unborn.

Men and women who are determined to find Jesus through Mary alongside Peter.

Consecrating yourself to Mary through the ideal of St. Maximilian Kolbe will be one of the most significant days of your life. You will be placing yourself under the mantle of Mary's protective care as the Immaculate Conception, Mother of the Church and Mediatrix of All Graces.

Through total consecration you cooperate with Mary in the work of building up and renewing the Church of the third millennium. She will enlighten your mind, guide your will, empower your efforts and intercede for you in a special way before the throne of the Father.

You will also share in the intercessory prayers of the MI religious communities, who pray daily for the success of the MI movement and the sanctification of its members.

Marian Consecration calls us to be the best version of ourselves: SAINTS!

Total Consecration means imitating Jesus by becoming totally dependent upon Mary. To live in Mary's womb.

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