Monday, May 6, 2013

Maximilian Monday: Who are you, Immaculata?

                                                         Who are you, Immaculata?

When I was preparing for my total consecration last November/December, I had the opportunity to read about someone I had never heard of, Saint Maximilian Kolbe. In the book 33 Days to Morning Glory, published by the Marians of the Immaculate Conception, Father Michael Gaitley presents over the course of four weeks people whom he classifies as 'Marian giants'. While he was discussing the life of St. Maximilian Kolbe, he talked about how the Saint through his life had tried to answer a mysterious question; just who is the Immaculate Conception, and what is her role in our lives for bringing us home to our Blessed Lord?

The Militia of the Immaculata-Beaumont want to explore and present the writings of St. Maximilian Kolbe to everyone. His wisdom is great, his vision for the MI far reaching. Starting today we will have 'Maximilian Mondays' which we hope will give people a better idea of both the founder of the MI, as well as the Immaculata herself. I found a small excerpt from St. Maximilian Kolbe's writings, which is a glimpse into his mind as he asks the question, who is the Immaculate One? I hope you enjoy:

*Who is the Immaculate One? To this abrupt question it is not possible to give a satisfactory answer because this mystery transcends our human intelligence. She is the Mother of God, and her name is the Immaculate One. When God showed Himself to Moses, He said of Himself: I am the One who is (Ex. 3,14)—in other words, I am Being itself. When St. Bernadette asked the most Blessed Mother her name, Mary replied: I am the Immaculate Conception. Such is the Immaculate One defined by her own words.
But what does the expression Immaculate Conception mean? The word conception tells us that she is not eternal, that she had a beginning. Immaculate tells us that from the first instant of her existence there never was in her the least conflict with God's will. The Immaculate One is the most perfect of all creatures...She was immaculate because she was to become the Mother of God; she became the Mother of God because she was immaculate.

Mother of God! The human mind cannot grasp what God is. Neither can we comprehend the dignity of the Mother of God. It is easier to understand a title like servant of God; daughter of God is more difficult to grasp; but Mother of God transcends our minds completely.
God calls creatures into being when He creates them. Then, in their movement of return to God, these creatures draw near to Him and come to resemble their Creator more and more. God comes to this most perfect Creature, the Immaculate One; and the fruit of Their love is Jesus Christ, the Mediator between the Creator and all creatures...

True knowledge of the Immaculate One can only be acquired in prayer. The purer a soul is, the greater efforts it makes to avoid sin; and if it does happen to sin, it tries its best to rise from sin and to make up for its fault by love. The more humble it is, and the more spirit of penance it shows, the more and better it will get to know the Immaculata. (Conference 26.VII.39)*

It is sometimes hard for me to believe how much different my life is since my consecration. It truly was a turning point in my journey towards our Heavenly King. We look forward to bringing you more writings of the MI founder, so that we can grow in our knowledge of  Mary our Mother, form a better relationship with her, and through her become better disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Immaculata is always there, shining like a brilliant star in the night to guide us all to her Son, and to make us her own sons and daughters in the process. She molds us, preparing us for what we are called to: Sanctity. She is the best example of purity in our fallen race; we should spend our days (especially during this month of May) trying to imitate her virtues, asking her to pray for us, and praying that the Holy Ghost gives us more insight into the role the Immaculata has in our lives so we can become Saints, like Maximilian Kolbe. 

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